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Jobs in schools and school systems    ALSDE Searchsoft School and Systems 2 2 … Free & reduced lunch data 2 13 … State level jobs in Education    Office of Human Resources 2 3 …
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School System JAG Site Specialist Business Number Home Number Cell Number Fax Number Address Email Attalla City Etowah High School Kacy Harcrow (256) 538-8381 (256) 490-1930 (256 …
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AlabamA STATE Department of Education Alabama Career and Technical Education 2013 CTE Month Communication Plan … “Career and Technical Education Works” February 1-28, 2013 …
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Leadership is developing and sharing personal skills and resources with others … It is learning to work together—to give and take … It’s making decisions or taking a stand and being …
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http://www.alcareertech.org/files/FACS/FCCLA General Information/FCCLA General Information.doc

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Explore educational requirements for jobs at the www.careeronestop.org What’s My Next Move … market in Alabama based on jobs outlook, earnings potential, and apprenticeship programs …
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http://www.alcareertech.org/career_preparedness_course/CPC Standard 4.docx

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We are very excited to be with you today to tell you about CTE in Alabama … In the next hour, we hope to put a face … In the Huntsville area alone we have a Workforce deficit of ~12-20K jobs
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until mid-2008 then fell sharply through December 2009 with 262828 losing their jobs … education steel shipbuilding and other high-paying manufacturing and white-collar jobs
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Jobs for Alabama's Graduates (JAG) is a school-to-career program for at-risk high school youth, using a national model called Jobs for America's Graduates … JAG's mission is to keep young …
Date: 1/14/2011


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Jobs for Alabama’s Graduates (JAG … Office of Career and Technical Education … Students for Service Event (Required) District Only … State CDC Program Cover State Only … Do not use liquid paper or …
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What is your vision for CTE in Alabama … Perfect place for everyone to learn … Graduates who are trainable for future work/ careers … More jobs for youth … Image: All jobs equal …
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