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The Alabama High School Graduation requirements provide the opportunity for students to … in Grades 7 and 8, respectively, for high school credit and to meet graduation requirements
Date: 3/29/2016 Size: 349KB

https://www.alsde.edu/sec/sct/Graduation Information/AHSG requirements clarified -Mar 29 2016 (002).pdf

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(Alabama High School Graduation Requirements/Diploma … through multiple pathways to meet the graduation requirements set for students in Alabama …
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School Bus "Danger Zone"    Transportation FAQs 2 6 … AL High School Graduation requirements    /sec/sct/Pages/graduationinformation-all.aspx?tab=Graduation%20Requirements 2 14 …
Date: 2/23/2016

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the proposal to remove the Alabama High School Graduation Exam as a diploma requirement for students who …
Date: 4/29/2016


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Students pursuing an Alabama High School Diploma through this pathway must participate in … of previous work experience in addition to the course requirements described above …
Date: 8/26/2014 Size: 16KB

http://alex.state.al.us/ccrs/sites/alex.state.al.us.ccrs/files/Substitute Courses for Students with Disabilities (SES Feb. 11...).docx

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through multiple pathways to meet the graduation requirements set for students in Alabama … (Alabama High School Graduation Requirements/Diploma … High School Math …
Date: 4/29/2014 Size: 3MB

http://alex.state.al.us/ccrs/sites/alex.state.al.us.ccrs/files/CurrDirectorsOct 2013.pptx

BE USED as one of the four required English credits for graduation upon approval by ALSDE … FULFILLS ONE OF THE TWO ADDITIONAL SCIENCE REQUIREMENTS
Date: 3/7/2016 Size: 475KB

https://www.alsde.edu/dept/data/Subject and Personnel Codes Tabbed/2016-2017Course AddRevDelMarch72016.pdf

no longer required to pass the Alabama High School Graduation Exam (AHSGE) in order to earn the Alabama High School Diploma …
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https://www.alsde.edu/sec/ses/Diploma/Diploma Pathways for Students with Disabilites PowerPoint.pdf

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And, we will briefly review the graduation requirements and the memo from Dr. Bice clarifying … The chapter that we will focus on today is 290-3-1 Public School Governance …
Date: 6/5/2015 Size: 17MB

http://alex.state.al.us/ccrs/sites/alex.state.al.us.ccrs/files/AAC - Code of AL - S P2.pptx

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Approved transcripted college or post-secondary credit while in high school … January 2014 – Graduation Requirements FAQs and High School Diploma Work Component Requirement (H6 …
Date: 8/26/2014 Size: 18KB

http://alex.state.al.us/ccrs/sites/alex.state.al.us.ccrs/files/Handout 2 - Superintendent Notes.docx

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